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Collection Old England Tea - as time goes on

14. září 2013 v 11:44 | Nady |  Wire-wrapping
The final impulse to start collection Old England Tea was one big competition on czech sell server - It was first year of this competition and topic "Afternoon tea". The idea was forming so long time. I made complet - earrings, necklace and ring. Core color was brass, fill in blood-red and cream. (click on picture lead to item in store or in gallery of sold items)
Darjeeling, blood and cream

I finally have the solution, how made it. And the first complet was very popular. So, I didn´t wast time and made another. At first complet Nilgiri in copper-orange colors:


And in short time the earrings similar to Darjeeling, but in copper and pink. The necklace I made after long time, maybe a year.

English Rose

As you know, everybody likes silver color. I like it, but I don´t use it so much in my jewelry. My favorit materials are brass and copper. Despite the preferences I sometimes made something in silver color. Combination of colors - grey and turquise - give the name of complet:

Earl Grey

Earrings in collection Old England Tea doesn´t have aerwires but the has ear-clips. Reason is keeping of historical character, part of character is patina, too. All customers wont change the aer-clips to earwire, so I gave in this element. Next "tea" complet was ground in black.

Gold, černý a zlatý

Then there was first serie of brooch/hairpins. They can find them in next blog.

Insperation of some jewels was finded material, filigrees. It´s the case of silver complet for example. This time I used steel wire and a lot of minerals to assamble it. First was the necklace. I hasitated to make earrings too for long time, because of its wieght. But, I made it. Despite of my fears of weight, the earrings was sold very quickly, more quick than necklace. The comlet was offered split and waas sold split too.

Yunnan Pu-Er

Collection Old England Tea join together names of jewels too. There is always name of tea inside, optimally in some inner relation. The relation is in name apparent (English rose of copper-rink combination) or isn´t apparent (Yunnan Pu-er has red infusion). How the collection was bigger and bigger, it was much difficult compone new names.

Next jewel belongs to "tea collection", despite it seems like it´s quite different. Originally I was made it to wire-wrapping challenge (on Fler), theme was "Jane Austine". Perfect topic for my collection. But, the deadline was to short and I was to slow. On the memory of this challenge the work name is "Jane".

Golden Pekoe
Necklace Golden Pekoe ushered in changes in whole collection. The changes were linked to my technical ability. Filigrees alone were not enought. I still used its, it´s inseparable part, but it isn´t play prim from now, but fill in the jewel, makes effects. Necklace was controversy for some people because of combination of materials. And wasn´t last controversy...

Year 2012 was very poor of collection Old England Tea. There were a lot of factors - I was working on my other collections, mostly Mini (fe)male, I was on internship in US etc.
Half in US, half in the Czech Republic I made the complet Moon in lace. It hasn´t "tea-name", but name take accent to stone and is linked in lace-face of filigrees.

moon in lace

Necklace has several cute details. I was made the earring in the some style, only thin lace rim light up the stone in the middle.


From my travels I had import also some material of course. It would be a man say, in these modern times, when the distance is reduced every minute, time runs like the wind, it still holds that something you can buy only in US. At the beginning of 2013 and I made themed, winter set, which has in the center filigree of foreign production.


Pairs of stones, primary to earrings were multiply stones in my "treasure". There were mostly chalcedony and its subtypes - carneolians. I decided arrange it to similar earring like was Moon in stone, simple rim light up the stone. This type of earrings seems like not suitable for collection Old England Tea. But the rim is lace-imitate like filigrees are lace-imitate.

... in lace
On many wishes followed the brooch/hairpins again. First part like oriental, second flower and finally small flower with minerals. In detail in some future blog.

Last one, the newest jewel of collection Old England Tea is in color of brass, again. This time fill in turquise and white, with a lot of minerals. You can see classic elements of collection - filigree, lace sleeve, patina. New element in character of collection, perfect suitable, is viking knit.

Lady Pu-Er

Next necklace is now unnamed, but I know colors for it - brass and green.
And my treasure of filigree, foreing and czech, isn´t empty still...

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